Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

imgThe Federal Government has a home loan program specifically for federally enrolled tribal members, on or off reservation land.

• 30 year fixed rates with NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY
• Maximum loan amount $544,185
• Minimum down payment 2.25% (in some cases 1.25%)
• Seller can pay up to 6% of your closing costs
• No credit history required
• Flexible underwriting for credit issues
• No history of receiving per capita required
• No monthly mortgage insurance required
• Single family, 2-4 units, condos, manufactured homes
• Purchase loans
• Refinance
• Rehab loans
• Construction loans
• Homebuyer counseling service available for all clients

Tribes, TDHEs, or IHAs can borrow funds to develop rental housing or to build single family homes that are subsequently sold (or assumed) by eligible borrowers.

Click below to see if your tribe qualifies.


We are your local source of information on this Federal program created specifically for Native Americans to purchase a new home, rehabilitate an existing home, or to refinance.

The HUD Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program is a mortgage product that was established by Congress in 1992. It was designed to offer home ownership and housing rehabilitation opportunities for eligible Native American individuals, families, tribes, and tribally designated housing entities.

The HUD Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program has resulted in improved access to capital for Native Americans, empowering the residents of Indian communities to buy or build a home, refinance, or rehabilitate existing housing.

imgHow HUD Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program works
In order to promote the general welfare of lower-income Native Americans, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created several programs, to increase home ownership and affordable housing opportunities, to eligible Native Americans on their native lands and within an approved Indian area.

HUD guarantees the mortgage loan to the lender by assuring that the investment will be repaid in the event of a foreclosure. The borrower pays a 1% loan guarantee fee at closing which can be financed in the mortgage or paid up front. The borrower must apply for the loan with a participating lender.

Who is eligible for the Section 184 loan?

You are eligible if you are:
• An American Indian or Alaska Native who is an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe
• An Indian tribe
• A Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE)
• Or an Indian Housing Authority (IHA)

We can assist you, utilizing this loan program, to help you achieve your home ownership goals.

The program applies to almost any property within the State of California which is designated as an “Indian Area.”

If you would like to buy a newly built home, or you are thinking about building a new home, contact us today to determine if a new home development will qualify for this loan program.

If you are a Native American and interested in learning more about this program, or would like to know if you qualify, contact Sharon to assist you.

We are dedicated to finding a solution for your homeowner needs.

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